December 3, 2017

Welcome To Your Program Enhancements

My Thoughts On WW Freestyle

A a local group and At Work Series leader and I very excited to officially be able to talk about the WW Freestyle program that launches TODAY across Canada!!!! Yippiee!!!   I know I've been dropping (approved) hints to my clients for several weeks nice but it's so nice to FINALLY be able to talk about this.   So here it is.... welcome to your new program enhancements - WW Freestyle!!!

First off, I want to start by saying how EXCITED I am about these changes and that I love what WW has done with Freestyle.  I wish I had these available to me during my original WW journey 7 years ago!!  I think it would have made my life sooooo much easier.  However, with that said as a Lifetime member who is currently trying to maintain my goal weight and sort of needed to shake things up a bit, these changes are a GAME CHANGER for me!  I have secretly been living the new WW Freestyle program (along with other leaders across that national) for about a month now and I AM LOVING IT!!!  I feel the flexibility, freedom, healthy choice promotion, simplicity that were the focus of these enhancements.  

I've decided to treat this blog post as a FAQ to the program questions.  I will continue to add to this, based on questions I get.  I hope to cover all the common ones that arise, so as to keep my clients as informed as possible.   Please note that you will get a bunch of new program materials this week from your leaders that will go through this in more detail.  You should read all of that too and especially try and attend your local meeting this week. 

CONNIE'S FAQ on WW FreestyleImage result for weight watchers freestyle zero point foods 

  1. Is this a "NEW" Program?       Answer:  no!  this is the exact same program that we all know and love.  We have made some "enhancements" to provide a much more FREE & FLEXIBLE experience.  Just as Smart Points and Points Plus were previously the same program but with some slight changes and re branding, Freestyle is the same. Not to worry. 
  2. What are the major changes in WW Freestyle vs. Smart Points or Point Plus??       Answer: To summarize:  more zero point foods (that you do not have to track = flexibility), an adjustment on daily points allowance (slightly less daily points to reflect the new list of foods that are ZERO points... read below and do not panic :) , ability to roll over unused points
  3. What are the new zero point foods?   Answer:   I found this list to be helpful!  Print a copy and put it on your fridge / pantry. There are over 200 foods you can show enjoying with weighting, portioning , tracking or measuring including eggs, skinless chicken breast, fish and seafood, corn, beans, peas, and so much more!!  
  4. Why have these foods been selected as the new zero point foods?     Answer:   WW is trying to promote my healthy, well balanced eating.  We hope that in offering more healthy WW zero point foods, it will encourage our members to make overall healthy food choices towards these foods that they should be eating anyhow.  In addition, no more getting sick of the previous just zero point fruits and vegetables :)   Now you have options.    Also -- vegetarian, vegans and those with dietary restrictions are finding the new WW Freestyle program to be even more suitable for them
  5. But why does my daily points allowance have to go down  *wah!*  :)   ???    Answer: Because we are offering you soooo many more zero points foods AND once again because we are encouraging our members to eat more of these healthy food options, this is why we are reducing your daily points.  With these options available to you, you essentially can handle a lower daily points allowance.  
  6. But can't I over-due it with these new zero point foods? What about portion control      Answer:  Have you ever heard of anyone being over weight because they ate to much chicken breast???   :)    No, right???     The simple answer is to just eat these new zero points foods until you are SATISFIED.  If you are hungry and need a little more, that's not a problem.   As with even fruits on the zero point menu before, just MODERATE how much you actually need to satisfy your hunger vs. binge eating just because they are "free foods".     In the past I have always told my WW Clients to keep an eye on the scale and if they were not seeing the results they had hoped for, to watch their fruit intake and to maybe limit to 1 or 2 fruits per day and to stick with the less sugary ones.   Use the same discretion here.     
  7. Are you still encouraging us to eat all our points?  Why are we now allowed to roll over?      Answer:    In the past, WW Leaders would encourage our clients to "eat all their points".  With the new flexibility we have added into the Freestyle program, we are now allowing our clients to roll over some of their daily unused points.  If you feel like you need your daily  / weekly points to suffice your day / week it is still COMPLETELY FINE to use all your points. However, if you have a day where you just can't use all your points (and that could happen a lot more easily now with all the new zero point food options!), its is ok to roll some over for another day where you may need them more.  ENJOY this new freedom and flexibility!

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Well folks that the core of the new changes.  I look forward to your feedback and results.  Remember that your app will automatically introduce you to the new program features and walk you through how to use all of this step-by-step.   I know mine just auto-happened one day.  So keep a look out.  

Enjoy your meeting with your leader this week where he / she will introduce you personally to these program changes.  I am personally looking forward to seeing what my clients think about them and their new results.  I am soooo excited about Freestyle!

Your partners in health

Connie Butera (Berenguer)

WW Group & At Work Series Leader


My Journey to...

Fitness   Faith    Family

Back in 2010 when my first son was born, I decided to bite the bullet and take care of my post baby weight plus some much overdue pre-baby weight :)  I signed up for the Weight Watchers online program and successfully lost 20 lbs quite easily.  I felt great!  It was easy and completely safe to do while breastfeeding.  I honestly feel like the program saved my new mom mental health during mat leave.    

Then....... well...... "life with a new baby" got in the way :)  I gained it all back and more!      Once my second born was 3 years old and I turned 30, I decided to take my life and weight back into control. I was not at a good place in my life.  I felt stressed, lack of energy and completely undesirable.   

I created my own private local Weight Watchers Group in my small town of Mount Albert with a bunch of fellow moms in September of 2016.   After just 4 months, I reached my goal and became a Life Time Weight Watchers Member.  In addition, I met some of my best friends today!!  The peer to peer support from the group model really helped me this time around.  Being surrounded by like-minded ladies who all understood the challenges of being a mom was key to my success and I can't thank "my girls" enough. 

Connie July 2015 vs. July 2017 
40lbs total loss

Today I am proud to announce that I am also now a Weight Watchers Group Leader.  I am I am very excited about bringing the WW program to more communities and businesses and helping other local new moms achieve their weight loss goals.

In addition, I am continuing my journey to health in the next phase.  I have recently decided to invest in MYSELF (something I have never done before!).  I hired a personal trainer and am working towards my new goal of lowering my body fat percentage, increasing my lean muscle mass and toning my new body I worked so hard for!  I call it "operation Abs and Tats" 'cause Im going to treat myself to a tattoo once I reach my toning goals.


Enjoy the program and looking forward to the possibility of working with you!


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